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FX Series Junior


The Topshelf FX series is the first junior hockey stick to bring pro quality specifications along with optimal flex and blade profile to young hockey players!

Not only is the FX series the most advanced stick in it’s category, it has an industry leading 75 day warranty!

The FX Series is available in four different flexes and shaft lengths to properly fit young players as they continue to develop and grow.

The Topshelf FX Series junior hockey stick is an elite quality stick designed specifically for young hockey players. There are four different models uniquely sized for players at each stage of their development.

Flex 20The 20 flex model is optimized for players under 60 lbs. / 27 kg and/or 50 in / 127 cm in height.  Stick weight: 298 grams and length: 47″ / 119 cm

Flex 30The 30 flex model is optimized for a player height of 55 in. / 140 cm or less and/or weighing less than 80 lbs. / 36 kg. Stick weight: 298 grams and length: 47″ / 119 cm

Flex 40The 40 flex model is optimized for players under 60 in. / 153 cm in height and/or weighing less than 100 lbs. / 45 kg. Stick weight: 312 grams and length: 48.5″ / 123 cm

Flex 50The 50 flex model is designed for players weighing under 110 lbs. (50 kg) and/or 62 in. (157 cm) in height.  Sick wweight: 338 grams and length: 51″ / 130 cm

Flex Ratings

All FX Series sticks are designed with the appropriate flex and length for young players. Young players should be using a stick with a flex rating that is below half of his or her body weight. For example, a typical new hockey player under 50 lbs. /  23 kg. is simply not strong enough to utilize a standard 40 flex stick. By offering different shaft lengths for each flex, our sticks will not become overly stiff when they are cut down to fit.

Lower flex ratings allow young players to maximize the stick’s recoil for harder more accurate shots. It also makes it easier to raise the puck while still using the proper technique instead of trying to flip or scoop the puck off the ice.

FX Series Construction

Like our senior sticks, the FX Series features our UC molding technology for a genuine one piece composite stick that is lighter, better performing and more durable. The Topshelf FX is 100% carbon fiber construction and are exceptionally light with optimal balance for kids while ensuring maximum durability for parents.

Shaft Specifications

Our pro core shaft features a double contoured carbon fiber shaft for maximum shaft recoil speed for increased puck velocity. The consistent flex design provides a variable kick point depending on the placement of your lower hand while shooting.

The advanced hyper kick point design allows for easy loading, quick release and maximum amplification.

Blade Design

Our Carbon Matrix blade design features a carbon fiber frame matrix featuring two horizontal beams and three vertical bands. The cavities utilize injected aero foam for enhanced responsiveness while maintaining rigidity.

Stick Finish

The Topshelf FX Series sticks use our SureTak grip for a natural tactile grip. It results in a soft feel, firm grip and reduced vibration which promotes improved puck handling confidence.


The FX Blade Profile

The FX Series has a blade and curve profile designed specifically to promote better shooting habits for young players.

Based on our popular G1 blade profile, the FX is a moderate mid toe curve with a slightly open face. As well as reducing the curve size and openness of the blade face, the size of the blade is decreased proportionately for easier puck handling.

Competitors may use larger curves with a much more open face to make it easier to raise the puck. These are often called scoop curves and they promote poor shooting habits as children will bring the puck forward to flip or scoop the puck off the ice instead bringing the stick back to properly load the shaft for a more powerful and accurate shot.

General Specifications

Kick Point: Variable Kick Point
Blade Profile: Moderate Mid Toe Curve with Slightly Open Face
Stick Finish: Gloss with SureTak Grip

FX Series 20 Specifications

Shaft Flex: 20
Weight: 298 grams
Length: 47″ / 119 cm
Player Weight: Under 60 lbs. / 27 kg.
Player Height: Under 50 in. / 127 cm

FX Series 30 Specifications

Shaft Flex: 30
Weight: 312 grams
Length: 48.5″ / 123 cm

Player Weight: Under 80 lbs. / 36 kg.
Player Height: Under 55 in. / 139 cm

FX 40 Specifications

Shaft Flex: 40
Weight: 329 grams
Length: 50″ / 127 cm

Player Weight: Under 100 lbs. / 45 kg.
Player Height: Under 60 in. / 153 cm

FX Series 50 Specifications

Weight: 341 grams
Length: 51″ / 130 cm
Flex: 50
Player Weight: Under 110 lbs. / 50 kg.
Player Height: Under 62 in. / 157 cm