GTS Hockey Ambassador Program

Learn about our new ambassador program.

Become a GTS Hockey Ambassador!

The GTS Hockey Ambassador Program is a way we can reward our most passionate and vocal fans!

There are a ton of great benefits including free gear, special pricing through our pro sales website and you can earn more free gear by referring your followers.

Best of all, it’s easy to join. Check out our FAQs for more details.

Hockey Ambassador Program FAQs

What are the benefits of being an ambassador?

Some of the benefits of our GTS Ambassador Program include:

  • Sneak Peaks and Access to New Products
  • Buy New Sticks Before the General Public
  • Exclusive Special Editions & Pro Stock
  • Free Swag for Top Performing Ambassadors
  • A 25% Discount on most GTS Sticks and Gear
  • Earn Cash Credit by Referring Your Followers

Does it cost anything to be an ambassador?

No, the program is completely free. However, to stay active in the program you will be required to post at least once per week to your website/blog or one of your social media accounts.

Do I get free stuff?

Yes! Twice a year we give free swag to new ambassadors who have been active for at least 4 months. We also send more gear to top performing ambassadors once a year.

You will also earn cash credit by referring others to our pro sales site which can be used for order more free products. For example, if you refer three people who purchase an Edge 2.1 stick, you can get one for FREE!

What do you expect from ambassadors?

We expect GTS Hockey ambassadors to promote our products in a positive way. This can be done in many ways.

You can do reviews on your blog or Youtube, post photos, tweets, comments or updates on social media sites.

You can wear our gear to the rink, school or work, tell your friends and teammates about our sticks and many other ways — be creative!

Is there an age requirement?

Yes, you must be at least 13 years old. If you are younger your parents can join.

What are the Ambassador Program rules?

There are not many rules but enrollment in the program is entirely at our discretion.

To be eligible you must not be sponsored by a direct competitor. We will not work with people who promote racism, sexist attitudes towards women, bullying or any illegal activities.

How can I contact you?

Send an email to

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