New Topshelf FX Series Junior Hockey Sticks Hit the Ice

GTS Hockey is pleased to announce our much anticipated FX Series junior hockey sticks have hit the ice! The FX Series of junior sticks adapt pro quality engineering to maximize the performance capabilities of young hockey players.

The FX Series

The FX Series is the first ever pro quality junior hockey stick for youth players. It is specifically optimized for each stage of a young player’s development and growth stage.  For parents, we are offering a 75 day warranty against breakage due to defect. This is the longest warrant period in the industry!

Pro Construction

As well as a thinner shaft for small hands, there are four different models uniquely sized for players as they grow taller and stronger.  Each stick model is longer with a higher flex point than the previous stick so the specifications are optimal for the individual player.

All sticks are constructed using our UC single compression molding process using 100% carbon fiber. The result is an exceptionally light stick which is easy for young players to handle while maintaining perfect balance and exceptional strength.

FX Series Flex 20

The 20 flex model is optimized for players weighing less than 60 lbs. (27 kg) and/or under 50 in (127 cm) in height.

Weight: 298 grams
Length: 47″ / 119 cm

FX Series Flex 30

The 30 flex model is optimized for a player height of 55 in. (140 cm) or less and/or weighing less than 80 lbs. (36 kg).

Weight: 312 grams
Length: 48.5″ / 123 cm

FX Series Flex 40

The 40 flex model is optimized for players under 60 in. (153 cm) tall and/or weighing under 100 lbs. (45 kg).

Weight: 327 grams
Length: 50″ / 127 cm

FX Series Flex 50

The 50 flex model is designed for players weighing less than 110 lbs. (50 kg) and/or 62 in. (157 cm) in height.

Weight: 336 grams
Length: 51″ / 130 cm

FX Blade Profile

The engineering behind the FX Series does not end with the shaft. The blade and curve profile designed specifically to promote better shooting habits for young players. All blades are proportionately smaller to allow for  easier puck handling and the curve pattern is optimized for proper shooting technique.

Based on our popular G1 blade profile, the FX Series curve is a moderate mid toe curve with a slightly open face. By reducing the curve size and openness of the blade face, children will develop a more powerful and accurate shot.

Larger curves with a more open face promote poor shooting habits as children as they will bring the puck forward to flip or scoop the puck off the ice instead bringing the stick back to properly load the low flex shaft.

GTS Hockey is focused on fusing leading edge design and technology with the passion of hockey.  Our engineering and design teams are exceptionally proud of the Topshelf FX Series sticks which will allow young players to maximize their emerging skills at each stage of development.

About GTS Hockey

GTS Hockey is a premium manufacturer of elite composite hockey sticks for professional and high level hockey players. GTS Hockey sticks include the Topshelf, Edge and FX Series of carbon fiber hockey sticks which are used by dozens professional hockey players internationally.

GTS Hockey is based in Winnipeg Canada and Vojens, Denmark.