New Topshelf Hockey Stick Ready for Debut

New Topshelf Hockey Stick to Hit the Ice at 2016 IIHF World Championship

The flagship Topshelf hockey stick, the Ziel, is back for 2016 and it will be debuted at the 2016 IIHF World Championships in April and May, 2016. The Topshelf Z40 will first appear at the U18 Wold Championship in Grand Forks North Dakota in April and the following month it will hit the ice in Moscow at the 2016 World Championship.

Commonly known as the Ziel, the new Topshelf Z40 will be back for the 2016-17 hockey season with a great new look and improved features. The overall weight of this 100% carbon fiber one piece stick is down slightly to just 428 grams and features all of our latest engineering designs.

The Z40 is pure mid kick point stick which utilizes four distinct technologies to achieve maximum amplification with a lightning quick release while maintaining pinpoint accuracy and optimal puck feel. The heart of the process is our uni-compression molding process which uses intense heat and pressure to form a genuine one piece composite hockey stick which is both both lighter and more durable.

Our new max core blade features a carbon fiber matrix design with two horizontal beams wrapped by three vertical bands. The matrix is supported by a carbon fiber frame and injected with our proprietary areo foam core. The result is a rigid blade that reduces torsion while maintaining a soft feel with the puck. Our rocket taper design is a balanced taper that reduces twisting yet allows for a quick release when shooting. Our max core shaft with hyper kick design utilizes a gentle, double  concave shaft design which both stretches and compresses the opposing side walls of the carbon fiber shaft. The result is an explosive shaft recoil for maximum shot velocity.

The Topshelf series of sticks will also include the new Z42 and Z44 models which use all of the same technology as the Z40 Ziel but will weigh 458 and 488 respectively. They are a perfect choice for players who prefer a slightly heavier stick which is durable but still offer the full array of performance features. There are a full range of flex options and six blade profiles available.

While elite players will be taking Topshelf sticks into battle for the IIHF World Championships this spring, our retailer and pro partners will be offering them to players who are ready to take there game to the next level.

About GTS Hockey

GTS Hockey is a premium manufacturer of elite composite hockey sticks for professional and elite level hockey players. GTS Hockey sticks include the Topshelf and Edge series of carbon fiber hockey sticks which are used by dozens professional hockey players internationally.

GTS Hockey is located in Winnipeg Canada and Vojens, Denmark.