GTS Releases Hockey Stick Models for 2016

Topshelf, Edge and FX Series Hockey Stick Models for 2016

GTS Hockey is excited to announce our starting lineup of hockey stick models for the the 2016-17 hockey season.  Our veteran senior model, the Topshelf, is renewed and will be joined by newcomer, the Edge. The 2016 lineup is rounded out with the new FX Series of youth hockey sticks.

The Topshelf hockey stick is back for 2016 with a new look and enhanced engineering. The Topshelf stick models will come in three versions. The Z40, nicknamed the Ziel, is the flagship model and is followed by the Z42 and Z44. All Topshelf hockey stick models will be available with a 60″ (SR) shaft while the Z40 and Z44 will alsso be available in a 55″ (INT) shaft.  Topshelf sticks have a full range of flex options between 60 and 100, and six unique curve/blade patterns.

The sole difference between models is stick weight. The Z40 Ziel is very light at just 428 grams while the Z42 and Z44 models weigh 458 and 488 grams respectively. Every Topshelf stick use advance engineering and design. The three models allow players options based on to differing weight and durability preferences without sacrificing performance.

The Topshelf line will be joined by the Edge, a high performance stick produced almost exclusively for professional and other elite hockey players. The Edge is a pure high performance stick available in two versions, the lightweight Edge 2.2 weighing just 438 grams and the ultra lightweight Edge 2.1  model which weighs in at a scale defying 400 grams.

The Edge hockey stick is being released through our pro player and team representatives and can be customized to the demanding specifications of elite players. There will be a very limited supply for our retail and pro partners.

Perhaps the most exciting hockey stick model for 2016 is the FX Series of junior and youth sticks. These sticks are designed specifically for young hockey players. Like all GTS hockey sticks, the FX Series junior sticks will incorporate all of the advanced features of the the Topshelf and Edge sticks but offer a shaft diameter for smaller hands. More important, the FX Series shafts offer a range of flexible shafts designed for each stage of a young hockey player’s development.

About GTS Hockey

GTS Hockey is a premium manufacturer of genuine one piece composite hockey sticks for professional and elite level hockey players. GTS Hockey sticks include the Topshelf and Edge series of carbon fiber hockey sticks which are used by dozens professional hockey players internationally. GTS also manufactures the the FX Series hockey stick, the only elite level stick desined for youth hockey players.

GTS Hockey is located in Winnipeg Canada and Vojens, Denmark. Visit the GTS Hockey website at  to learn more about their pursuit of the ultimate hockey stick.