The passion of crafting
the ultimate hockey stick.

You’re passionate about your game and so are we. GTS Hockey has a singular passion to create the ultimate hockey stick. We fuse advanced engineering, proven technology and our passion for the game to create the finest, most responsive sticks on the planet.

Are you ready to feel the difference?

Advanced Engineering. Proven Technology.

Superior design, technology and materials are what guides our passion to craft the ultimate shooter's stick.

Hockey Stick Features

Easy load. Big Pop. Our advanced hyper kick point design allows for easy loading, quick release and maximum amplification.

Our Carbon Matrix blade design features a carbon fiber frame matrix with injected aero foam for enhanced responsiveness and rigidity.

Our SureTac grip design features a tactile natural grip to provide a soft feel, reduce vibration and improve puck handling confidence.

Uni-Compression Shaft

Our uni-compression molding process produces a genuine one piece composite stick that is lighter, better performing and more durable.

Our pro core shaft features a double contoured carbon fiber shaft for maximum shaft recoil speed for increased puck velocity.

Our rocket taper technology is perfectly balanced for an ultra quick release, maximum puck velocity and laser accuracy.

Play Hard.
Feel the Difference.

Short on gimmicks and long on performance. We all know that a stick just needs to feel right in your hands.

Topshelf Z40 Hockey Stick Logo

The Topshelf Z40 is our premium pro grade stick featuring 12k carbon fiber mono core construction and our hyper kick technology.

 Topshelf Z40 Ziel 

Topshelf Z42 Hockey Stick Logo

The Topshelf Z42 is our premium pro grade stick with mono core construction and a perfect balance between performance and durability.

 Topshelf Z42 Stick 

Topshelf Z44 Hockey Stick Logo

The Topshelf Z44 is a full featured premium stick with mono core construction and provides maximum durability and high performance.

 Topshelf Z44 Stick 

The Edge 2.1 is an exclusive pro stock stick and is among the very lightest sticks on the market. Every element is engineered for optimal performance.

 Stick Information 

FX Series Jr Hockey Stick

The Topshelf FX series is an ultra light junior stick with perfect balance and optimized flex profiles for maximum performance.

 Stick Information 

The Edge 2.2 is our pro stock stick featuring our hyper kick and pro core designs for an amplified kick point with easier loading with maximum recoil.

 Stick Information 

There is a reason more pro players
are choosing our sticks every month.

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